Why Traveling is Essential for a Healthy Mind


In today’s high-pressure world and with our demanding social schedules, making time for a vacation can be difficult. However, extensive research has been done on the positive health effects of travel, and the findings are nothing short of impressive. Heading out is the way to grow your psyche and soul. We educate ourselves by traveling and exposing ourselves to new ideas and people. Here is a list of reasons why traveling is crucial:

Vacations Make You Healthier and Happier

Studies conducted by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, along with other research groups, have found conclusive links between travel and decreased risks of heart disease and depression. Travel is also closely linked to brain health and offers many cognitive benefits when you step outside your comfort zone and experience new people and places. Travel also tends to make people feel more reflective and introspective, perhaps to the point of re-evaluating their goals and reinforcing their priorities.

Vacations Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the biggest triggers for mental and physical illness, but you can fight back in a proactive way by traveling more. Vacations take your mind away from day-to-day routines and allow you to relax and recharge. The things that cause you to stress in your daily life seem far away when you travel, which helps you put everything into better perspective once you return home.

Vacations Make You Resilient

We all know that vacations aren’t always smooth sailing, as travel delays, logistical hassles, and unforeseen expenses can offset the positive benefits. While this initially may be frustrating, the uncertainty of travel is part of what makes it exciting, and these obstacles help you become more resilient. There’s a strong sense of accomplishment that comes with figuring out a new public transportation system, navigating a new city, and overcoming the travel-related challenges that arise. These lessons contribute to important life skills that will serve you well both during the trip and when you return.

Vacations Help You Connect with Others

Many of us become deeply entrenched in our close-knit social circles of familiar coworkers, family members, and friends. But when you travel, you are inevitably faced with strangers who may look, act, and speak differently than you or those in your social circle back home. Vacations offer us wonderful opportunities to learn about other cultures and ways of life, even if you only travel a couple of hours from home. Take time to listen to and connect with new people when you travel, then take those communication skills and life lessons back home with you.
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