5 Reasons to choose homestays over hotels in India


Deeply ingrained into the Indian culture the phrase “Atithi Devo Bhava” (अतिथिदेवो भव) meaning Guest is like God, justifies why you should choose homestays accommodation in India. It gives you direct access to the single most important organizing institution in India: the family. To comprehend India, you have to comprehend the importance family plays in the culture.

But what are homestays exactly?

In India, the term “homestay” refers to the idea that locals welcome visitors into their homes and treat them like members of their families. It is a circumstance where both the guest and the host gain greatly. It provides an opportunity for both the host and the visitor to experience renowned Indian hospitality. Families who have additional room and a monetary need or craving to have explorers frequently set up a piece of their house to be a homestay. The family (mostly) provides dinners, nearby proposals, and an opportunity to drench yourself in its culture.

We are here to give you a list of reasons why homestays are considered family-friendly accommodation any day, anywhere!


  1. The real experience: You get a close-up look at the customs and way of life in another country. The trip experience is enhanced when someone invites you into his house. You can ask anyone who has first-hand knowledge of the local way of life any questions you may have. Also, homestays and guesthouse accommodations are the best method for observing India’s numerous celebrations with an Indian family. You’ll acquire a profound appreciation and comprehension of what’s going on with the celebration, as well as get to partake in the ceremonies related to it. hotel booking in coorg
  2. Explore authentic regional cuisines in desi-style: You get to taste freshly prepared regional cuisine. While you may eat Indian food in restaurants, nothing compares to the flavor of food that is prepared at home. The true flavor of regional food in a homestay tastes very different than the food at a restaurant. It may be altered to suit your preferences. Additionally, you can see while your food is being made. You get access to the special recipes of the hosts you visit in an Indian manner. why choose homestays
  3. Value for money: Compared to other forms of lodging, homestays provide a superior quality of stay along with a host of other perks. Homestays cost almost nothing compared to high-end lodging categories that charge you a fortune for the warm welcome and generous attention you experience there. Homestays don’t force you into the business or charge you for taxes.homestays in india
  4. Aid local economy: By advertising homestays, locals may make money either directly or indirectly. By choosing to stay at a homestay, you provide the locals an opportunity to support themselves and the regional economy. This is one way you can contribute to the local economy. It’s also crucial to remember that the homestay lodging not only helps the family financially but also helps the families’ ladies become more independent.
  5. Feeling of togetherness: Traveling is about more than simply taking photographs and writing about your adventures; it’s also about getting to know other people who are living in other environments. Homestays give you the essence of togetherness. Just like we all stay at home with our family. It brings you closer to another family where you can dive into the home and feel the vibes of a family homestay. It’s wonderful to stay at a homestay since the hosts make sure to personally look out for you, provide for you in times of need, and avoid making you uncomfortable. They share with you their home, their food, and most importantly, their time. There is always a touch of warmth. why stay at a homestayConclusion:

Homestays are smart assuming you maintain that comfortable and simple energy. One should at least once experience homestay accommodation as you get to encounter the destination through the local’s point of view. The customized encounters that a homestay offers will make you become hopelessly enamored with staying in one. Remain with a family you feel OK with and pick homestays during your next trip, and you won’t ever feel nostalgic!

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